Winter is coming!

Protecting your pipes – it is best to accept that you’re going to have to spend some money on heating during the winter months; however, some tenants will often go without to save money. It must be said that having no heating whatsoever during the cold months can be very damaging to the property, and pipes can easily freeze and burst without a regular supply of heat. Even if you have the heating on at a low temperature, you can maintain the condition of the pipes and prevent expensive repairs.

Reduce condensation and mould – putting your clothes on the radiator can mean they dry quickly, however it may be best you dry them on a clotheshorse or in your airing cupboard. This essentially helps to reduce condensation, but ventilation is very important too. Opening your windows for just 30 minutes a day can be very beneficial and it can minimize the moisture in the air, preventing the build-up of mould. The majority of the time it’s the small tasks that can help maintain the condition of a property in the winter.

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